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How do you plan to promote our products?
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eg. Website banner
Social Media posting
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Email Marketing
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Other Advertising
Commission Chart
25-50% - Digital Products
Quantum Regenesis Courses, Ebooks, Rife Frequencies, Quantum Frequencies, Meditation Couses, Music and more!
10% - Quantum Pendants Jewelry, Crystals
Pendants, Earrings, Pyramids, Crystals, Accessories and more!
Program Rules
1. You cannot make commission or referal fee on products that you purchase for yourself, for your friends, for you family.
2.  You cannot signup a friend or family member as an affiliate in order to make a commission or referral fee on a purchase that was intended for yourself.
3.  Light Stream Wand, Mantra Coils, Gem Laser, or packages including these products are not eligible for commission.  A referral fee of up to $250 will be paid to the referral upon verification of adherence to the rules.
4.  Any violation of program rules will result in the termination of your affiliate account without notice.
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