How To Activate Your Light Body
 Through Sacred Sound Frequencies
Introducing David Sereda's Quantum Regenesis Guided Meditation Course...
Sound frequencies can directly alter how our brain works and how we perceive the world. Also they have been proven to transform our cells and dna (for good or bad).  

David Sereda has decoded hidden pyramid harmonics that can amplify your thoughts and intentions, activate your light body, and give you new powers and abilities!
  • Are you suffering from...
  • Stress, Worry & Anxiety?
  • Feeling Spiritually Disconnected?
  • Can't relax and quiet your mind?
  •  Awaken your highest human potential!
  • Raise Your Spiritual Resonance
  • Gain unprecedented clarity and insight
  • Gain peace that transcends all understanding
  • Program your subconscious to attract abundance effortlessly
  •  Quantum Regenesis is a simple, yet powerful guided meditation course...
  • *Listen for as little as 10-20 minutes a day
  • *Easy to follow, just listen to the sound
  • *Full instructional audio and pdf manuals provided
  • *Personally practiced and perfected by David Sereda for over 35 years to help you shortcut to your deepest and most profound meditations you have ever experienced!!
  • Upgrade Your DNA Now! Get Instant Online Access!
Meet Your Trainers
With over 35 years of real experience, This course will give you the best tools for expanding your consciousness naturally for the purpose of higher creative vision, insight,love, bliss consciousness, and manifesting the love, relationships, knowledge, business and true wealth in your life!

David Sereda

World leader in quantum technology research and development.  38 years meditation master and spiritual teacher. Founder of Light Stream™

Crystal Sereda

Mother of two beautiful daughters.  Professional musician, operatic singer, dancing, acting & expanding consciousness in learning & manifesting love within one’s love for life! 

Dr. Lynn Sereda

PhD in Educational Psychology and a Masters in Counselling Psychology.  Highly respected Author and Teacher.
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